Resale Certificate Request

The Knollwood Association issues Resale Certificates for all real estate transactions in Knollwood.

A Resale Disclosure Certificate is documentation mandated by Pennsylvania §Title 68, Section 5407 for HOA's and POA's which Sellers are legally obligated to provide to Buyers. Buyers have five (5) days from date of receipt of a Resale Certificate to rescind an agreement of sale.

Knollwood's Resale Certificate includes copies of the following: Articles of Incorporation; Consolidated Deed Covenants and Restrictions; By-laws; Rules and Policies (rental policy); Annual Budget and Financial Information; Association Insurance Policy; Reserve information; Litigation information (if any); and Current statement of seller’s account.

Realtors and Title Companies can request a Knollwood Resale Certificate by providing us with your contact information; as well as the Seller's information in the boxes below.

Resale Certificates are normally returned electronically within 10 days.  The fee is $100.